The Dominant Duo

Last Friday, I had my first JV tennis match. I happen to play doubles with my fellow journalism classmate, Bradley Barrett. Last Friday, after defeating New Richmond, I realized that a dangerous duo had been formed on the Mariemont tennis courts. Last year, I never was able to come to that realization.

Last season was my first season on the tennis squad, and I was never really able to find my groove in doubles. Our coach tried creating doubles teams that would consistently produce success, but we struggled to make that happen. This year, our coach has created a doubles squad that is guaranteed to produce success this season. We might be one match in, but it would be pretty reasonable to put Brad and I up with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as one of the best duos in sports history.

Hopefully Brad and I can continue to be dominant on the courts and make history. I’m not quite sure what history is going to be made on the JV tennis squad but we’ll figure something out.



Where’s Wiseman?

For me, having a substitute teacher in a class makes my day. Most of the time (unless it is Don Books), I will get another study hall. Another study hall means that more work is being done, or more games are being played. When I walked into Journalism on Monday, I did not get that normal feeling when I found out we had a substitute teacher.

Where could he be!?

I was disappointed when I found out that Mr. Wiseman was sick; Wiseman always has the enthusiasm and hilarity that other teachers don’t have. That being said, these past couple of days have been very very boring.

I figured he’d be back today (Wednesday), because most teachers never miss more than two days of school. But, Mr. Weiss told our class that Mr. Wiseman will be gone all week:(

Hopefully he gets better soon so that we all aren’t going through the day in a constant state of monotony!

My New Obsession

So, over the long weekend, I literally had nothing going on. So of course, I resorted to watching Netflix.

As I browsed through the main menu, I considered watching The Office for the third time, but I was in the mood to try something new. I had heard several good things about the show Stranger Things, but I was somewhat skeptical about the show. But, despite this, I decided to give it a shot.

Never judge a book by its cover… I was hooked thirty seconds in.

Here is a trailer if you are currently looking for a new show to watch. I highly recommend giving it a shot!


If you have seen the first season… no spoilers plz:)


Rocky Mountain High

Last week, I was fortunate enough to go skiing in Colorado with family and friends. If you haven’t been, its a must. Even if you don’t like skiing or snowboarding, going in the summer works too.

Prior to the trip, the resort we went to had gotten 12 feet of snow so far this winter. I don’t think we have gotten half a foot of snow in total in the Natty this winter…

It is really hard to describe what it is like at 11,000 feet…

So here is this:img_9600

I highly recommend going sometime.

College? Huh?

Now that I am almost halfway done with my Junior year, the whole college thing is finally kicking in. These past two years, I have taken the process very lightly and have just tried my best not to worry about it and just enjoy high school. But now, as we have more and more meetings with Mrs. Leszczuk about test planning and school visits, I feel like it is time to start worrying.

I hear from the seniors about the process behind applying for colleges, and I sure am not looking forward to it. I’m not trying to sound lazy, but it sure sounds like a lot of work to me (sounds very lazy).

As I receive more and more questions about my college planning and my test prep plans, the stress is slowly starting to pile up on my shoulders. Why can’t I just go back to elementary school? Why can’t we just have parties in class all the time? Those were the days. Well, I guess it is about that time to grow up…



Indoor Soccer

Since 2nd grade, I have played indoor soccer in the winter; if you haven’t played, I highly recommend it regardless of your skill level on the pitch.

For the age group our team is in (17-19), many of the teams we play just screw around and have a good time. For our team, we aren’t just out there for a fun time… we play to win.

When this weekend’s schedule came out on Monday, we were psyched to see that we were scheduled to play the other Mariemont team in our grade. As you can imagine, this week has been filled with smack talk coming from both teams.

We are 2-0 entering tomorrow’s game, and we hope to make it 3-0. The first two games have been fairly easy wins for our team, but playing against friends is always different. Anything could happen; they are going to have a bench full of loud fans, and I know that they will try to get in our heads. The other team is 0-2, but they are just out there for a good time. But, because we play each other, things will be taken fairly seriously on both sides.

This will be the most competitive game of the season, no doubt about it. We all want the sweet taste of victory, and we all want to have bragging rights, but only one team walks off that field with a W.


The 6:30 alarm…

Every morning is a struggle for me, having to deal with the booming noise coming out of my phone at 6:30 in the morning telling me to wake up. For me, the worst part of the morning is having to deal with the alarm. The dilemma for me recently has been trying to find a much more soothing alarm that will actually make me feel good when I wake up.

From 7th grade to 10th grade, I have always used the default alarm noise on the iPhone. If you do not know what this sounds like, it’s awful. I don’t quite know why I made this my alarm… Annoying, right? After using that alarm for years I have made it to the point where I just want to throw the phone out the window.

In between the 7th grade and 10th grade years I tried to use some of my favorite songs to wake me up. But after using them, they no longer were my favorite songs, mostly because they were associated with having to get up in the morning. Luckily, I finally think I found the best way to wake up.

A few of my pals are in Psychology class and they recently did a unit on sleep. The teacher had them get an app called Sleep Cycle, an app that monitors your sleeping habits and puts them into a log. Along with that, it wakes you up in the morning in a very calm fashion, as opposed to the factory alarm I dealt with every morning for four years. Attached is the soothing noise I hear at 6:30 now:

If I could give advice to anybody that is struggling to find a good alarm, just whatever you do, don’t use the default iPhone alarm nor one of your favorite songs. I would highly recommend trying out Sleep Cycle.